Open Source Groupon Clone

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Groupon Clone Scripts


The daily deal sites are offering the most common features to its customers, some users get convinced with the features that are superseded but most of the proportion of your customers will love to go with new features. The features which you include in your groupon clone site should be useful for your customers and at the same time those features should be user friendly, groupon clones should always bear a fact in minds that your range of customers also includes non-technical people. So draft your features or the functionalities of your groupon site in such a way it reaches all your customers.

The groupon clone site of yours should be packed with attractive features, the features and the functionalities have a major role in the success of a group buying website. Each feature of a group buying site will have its own functionality starting from the log in page to the log out page of a daily deal site holds to the success factor of the site as a whole even a small flaw in any of the flow of a process will end up with the loss of your valuable customers.

The daily deal clone with the model of collective buying lets the deal of the day to get on, so there involves many customers to come across your group buying site to strike the pre determined tipping value as set by the merchant to make the deal available to all and win the game of win win creating a pleasant shopping experience for the customers.

The open source groupon script that lies behind the group buying site should be loaded with the most useful features, before drafting the feature try to know the needs of your customers and the expectations of them i.e. what makes them to say “wow what a great shopping experience?” then here comes your task to find the best groupon clone software just get done with the most wanted features on your group buying site see the drastic change in your online sales!!..